Artemis 2 Moon Mission

Experience the wonder of space exploration with our illuminated LED NASA Artemis 2 Moon Mission Canvas Art. Illuminate your space and immerse yourself in the historic journey to the moon. With its integrated mobile app control and sleek design, this art piece adds a touch of celestial elegance to any room. Get ready to journey to the sky from the comfort of your home!

This artwork represents the astronaut, who is stepping forward on the journey. It all turns into a magical nighttime masterpiece after the sun is down and the astronaut is lit.

With strategically placed LED lights, this astronaut artwork turns into a modern and dimmable night-light canvas, creating a breathtaking day and night-time visual experience in any room! Don’t wait, and surprise yourself or your loved one with a unique and stunning piece of art that will be enjoyed day and night.



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Exterior Frame

Product description:

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The cordless LED light system is integrated inside the frame and lights up the LED paintings in the dark, creating a mesmerizing effect. The installed LED light system can be adjusted with your phone via the application or physical remote controller. 

The Light Up system can be automated and turned on or off automatically at your set time, or can be connected to your Smart-Home environment. The product is powered by a rechargeable battery or a wired power option. The rechargeable battery option has an integrated battery inside, which allows you to enjoy the wall art absolutely wire-free while lighting the art for up to 10 nights! While the wired option required a power cable to be connected if you want to experience the light-up effect of the wall art.

The paintings are made with premium-quality varnished cotton canvas, providing a high-quality look that will last for many years! Everything except the print is professionally handmade, ensuring a unique and personal touch. Our certified and professionally installed electronics will ensure the quality of the wall art.

Product specifications:

  • High-quality material and professionally crafted product;
  • Bluetooth or physical remote controller connection;
  • Battery-powered option LIGHTS UP TO 10 NIGHTS before next charge;
  • Fast and Free worldwide delivery;
  • 12 Months warranty;
  • Certified electronics;
  • Clean look and attention to details;

You will receive:

  • Framed artwork with installed LED light-up and power systems;
  • Power cable/Charging cable;
  • Remote control or access to application;
  • 3M Command strips (mounting stickers) and hanging saw-hook (attached);
  • User manual and warranty;
  • Everything will be safely packed into a beautifully designed Shapie’s art box;

Certified electronics

FAST & FREE worldwide delivery

12 months warranty