About Us

We are The Shapie, and from the very beginning, the project started with the idea to create canvas wall art, that would allow us to see the same art, but from a different perspective in the dark. See in the dark not by lighting the whole painting, but only the most important details and parts of it, while keeping its aesthetic and clean look with easy access to it.

That’s The Shapie—where innovation meets artistry and light meets shadow. Step into a world where every detail tells a story, even when the lights are low. Welcome to a space where walls have a voice and creativity knows no limits.

Meet the team

Artis and owner of the light painting and illuminated LED Canvas project


Founder of the idea and technology part. From one side, I'm a passionate and creative artist who likes original and outstanding visual art. On the other side, I am obsessed with engineering and precision in quality. I think that these are the main values and skills that made this project happen from the very beginning.

At the very beginning, The Shapie project was only a hobby and side project that I was managing from a curiosity and challenge perspective, but then I saw a great perspective on quality and technology growth. Time has passed, sales are growing, and it has changed my full-stack job at an international company and allowed me to move forward with the hobby that is still my hobby, my life, and my dream!

I'm here to share my dream with you all, so please come and check out my project.

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